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What exactly is EMR/ EHR?

At NextGen, we realise that in a country as diverse as India, an IT company must innovate to provide an electronic Medical Record which can be used in the long run.NextGen’s EMR/ EHR solution consists of multiple products, namely:

Hospilogix EMR: NextGen’s standard Electronic Medical Record is integrated with the HIMS application, Hospilogix. This is a traditional EMR, where forms SOPs and favorites are configured at the beginning of an implementation. The EMR is very user friendly, scalable, and easy to implement. We recommend that every doctor be given a tablet to use this efficiently.

ePen Solution: NextGen has created a unique standalone product, where the doctor can create a comprehensive medical record without typing a word. He simply writes with a special pen, provided by us, and his record is uploaded electronically. He also has the ability to e-prescribe. He can email a scanned prescription to a chemist at the click of a button. Alternatively, he can select a medicine from a drop down list and send this to a pharmacy allowing for CPOE (computerized physician order entry).

Doctor’s Voice Solution: NextGen’s Doctor’s Voice solution is live at a few locations in India. A physician can dictate his orders into a phone, and they are automatically transcribed into the medical record.

Sana app for doctors and patients: NextGen has also developed Android and iOS apps for doctors and patients. The Sana app for doctors digitizes every workflow in a doctor’s clinic, from appointment scheduling, to reminders, to tracking of vital parameters to payments. The Sana app for patients allows the patient to have access to his health information at all times, even allowing for the creation of a single family record.